Roofing Contractor CT

Are you looking for reliable and honest Roofing Contractor CT among many Roofing Contractors in CT? Fancy House, LLC is here to help you!

From roof replacement to a new roof construction, we will be there for you because your roof is your largest investment as it protects everything from your personal possessions to your valuable family members.

We proudly serve CT, NY, MA, RI and ME states by offering roofing solutions for diverse range of roof applications.

Our consultative approach to every roofing project allows our team to determine the best solution to meet our client’s needs.

Hence, we install only high quality products from award winning manufacturers with a safety plan intact. As a result you will be rest assured that you and your family will be safe with the minimal amount of noise and distraction during the job.

Call us today and schedule your free estimate with us!

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roofing contractor ct

roofing contractor ct